We can track your location  throughout the trail and offer help when required

With an integrated network of cyclist tracks, varying from easy to extreme, the mountain biking routes across Durbanville, Tygerberg and Bellville have become immensely popular among cycling enthusiasts. The Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club, who has designed most of these exciting trails that add up to 120kms of interlinked routes, consists of 7000 members who regularly make use of the trails.

Those who partake in this extreme sport will know that it can hold many dangers. Besides personal injury, there are slithery friends and flying critters that can bring a ride to an abrupt halt. Added to that, our national challenge with crime increases the risk of being mugged or attacked during your journey so much more. Sec-U-Med offers the ideal solution in the form of a mobile support service!

By subscribing to our cyclist protection service, you will receive unlimited coverage (from dawn to dusk) while enjoying the trails in the Durbanville area. Tygerberg MTB Club members pay a discounted rate of only R149 per month for unlimited coverage, while non-members pay R179 per month.

When starting your journey, you simply need to activate your GPS tracking on the app, which will allow us to track your safety and assist if needed.

Our service options include assistance in the event of:

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Our team will also conduct regular workshops with all Sec-U-Med members, educating them about safety and awareness on the trails.

Our  protection personnel

Sec-U-Med has several response personnel that are available for our clients’ diverse requirements. All personnel are easily identifiable and carry the necessary equipment to find and help clients in need.

Our armed responders have completed combat training, a Level One First Aid course, fitness tests, and a bush mechanic’s course. They are also fully trained in communications, including GPRS, and radio, in order to effectively communicate with the control room from their location on the trails.

Our response teams are divided into 3 different groups, which are: