Cyclist tracking & protection – a must-have for cyclists

Durbanville is not only a popular wine destination anymore, it has become a cycling and mountain biking mecca, offering endless fitness challenges to countless adrenaline-seekers that seek to conquer its wide range of trails. Whether you are taking on Contermanskloof’s, Hoogekraal’s, or Bloemendal’s trails, you are bound to experience challenging, world-class routes and breath-taking scenery. It’s therefore small wonder that the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, with an astonishing 7000 members, and it is still growing.

Of course, when partaking in such an extreme sport, safety is one of your main concerns, which is where Sec-U-Med delivers!

Sec-U-Med offers local cyclists, runners, or sporting enthusiasts, complete peace of mind in the form of a mobile application which allows you to call on help whilst riding on trails in and around Durbanville. It is the first of its kind in the country and we are proud to have partnered with mySOS and Bassett Burglar Alarms, to bring this revolutionary security product to life.

There are many apps available to track your safety, but none offer a reliable trained response when the need for assistance arises. Often those persons who you would call for assistance are either not available or are riding with you rendering there help ineffectual.

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Help at the touch of a button

Registering for our service allows you to call on help during any stage of your mountain biking trail, for medical, safety, or even mechanical reasons. With a simple-to-use app, you can turn on your tracker at the start of the trail, which allows us to track your progress until you reach the end, when you turn your tracker off again. In case of an emergency, you can push the Sec-U-Med button on your app or wrist worn device, which will send an emergency signal, and since we can track your GPS location, we can be of assistance.

Our response team is fully trained and geared to be of assistance no matter your reason for distress. Whether you are experiencing a medical emergency, feel threatened, or you have a flat tyre, we are ready to help from dawn to dusk!

Those nasty chains getting tangled are now a thing of the past, as our responders have the knack of getting that chain line rolling smoothly again. Getting lost and wandering into no-man’s land is also a thing of the past! All trail maps are available on your phone and you will always know exactly where you are, or where you want to go. You will never feel lost again.

Our security app also comes with added features, such as a panic button, as well as a mobile tracking device that links you directly to our control room when needed. These may be beneficial to the wearer if an accident occurs, and you are unable to reach for your phone. With a built-in fall sensor, our control room will be aware of any accidents, and we can arrange for appropriate help.

By combining advanced mobile technology, GPS tracking, and professional emergency response, we have developed a system that strives to make the world of mountain biking, running and walking safer.

Now you can ride alone while still feeling assured, since we’ll always be by your side.